CEWIL Resource Hub: WIL Comparison Chart

The following chart illustrates structural differences between the various types of WIL. The information included in the chart builds on the work of McRae and Johnston (2016).
  Competitive recruitment process  Paid  Full-time  Academic Credit  Mandatory
Applied Research Project  Yes/No  Yes/No  Yes/No  Yes Yes/No
Apprenticeship  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
Co-operative Education  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes/No
 No Self-Funded Yes  Yes Yes/No
Field placement  No No No Yes  Yes/No 
Internship  Yes Yes/No Yes  Yes  Yes/No 
Mandatory Professional Practicum/Clinical Placement No  No  No  Yes  Yes 
Service Learning  No No No  Yes  Yes 
Work Experience
 Yes Yes/No  Yes  Yes Yes/No