Back at Sea: Shining a Light on Halifax 2023 Session Eight

In pursuit of a sustainable staffing model to meet the ever changing needs of today's students.


Presented by: Cara Krezek and Julia Zhu (Brock University)

It is not surprising that the question of "What is your staff to student ratio?" is one of the most frequently asked questions by managers and directors in WIL across various institutions. Despite this seemingly simple grade 1 math question, it is ever challenging to articulate what this number means in relation to the sustainability of our staffing needs. It is undeniable that it takes a village behind every student's success. Yet, the organizational structure of individual WIL units, the financial model and size of each institution define and differentiate us from how we work with all stakeholders. Thus, a simple quantitative number is not going to address what that village needs in order to be sustainable both operationally and financially.  

We will host a round table discussion with WIL leaders to explore the factors that contribute to creating a sustainable staffing model. We will consider the distinct differences for each WIL institution such as size of WIL programs, financial structure, centralized/de-centralized models, and more.  Our goal is to learn from each other by leading a collaborative dialogue around strategies for sharing our WIL stories internally and advocating for resources beyond in terms of numbers and dollars. Guiding questions: How can we move away from relying on quantitative outputs to justify what we need to provide quality support to students? How can we articulate the complexity of students' issues that require more staffing resources and training for our teams? How can we retain the talent of our team? What would that equilibrium look like in terms of a sustainable staffing model? Join us on the quest of searching for the ultimate formula. 

10/31/2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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