Back at Sea: Shining a Light on Halifax 2023 Session Four

Tracking Students’ Progress towards Future Ready Talents: Development and Implementation of the Future Ready Talent Framework

Presented by University of Waterloo:

  • Anne-Marie Fannon
  • Janice Bruin

In 2019, the University of Waterloo implemented its Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF), a competency framework designed to provide WIL stakeholders with an overview of the key talents necessary to thrive in the future of work. Since its initial conceptualization, the FRTF has been implemented across Co-operative and Experiential Education and leveraged by campus partners. This session provides an overview on the FRTF development and implementation at Waterloo. It gives session participants use cases on how a competency framework can build bridges with faculty, serve as a valuable tool for assessing student talents and establish a common language amongst WIL stakeholders.

The session will also provide an overview of the development of an FRTF self-assessment tool for learners based on literature and best practices on student self-assessment.

10/3/2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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