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Ideation, Planning, and Innovation Skills for Employment Success - An Open Education Online Resource for Co-op Professional Development

Presented By University of Toronto:

  • Libby West, Associate Director Student Learning & Professional Development

  • Carrie Proctor, Coordinator Student Learning & Professional Development
The shift to performance-based funding (Ontario, 2022) for Ontario universities has prioritized professional skill development and work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities to address the skills gap (Sullivan, 2017). As this pandemic has proven, and in line with the Government of Canada’s Innovation Plan (2019), the future is uncertain and our role in supporting future-ready graduates is to ensure they have the innovation skills to “embrace global changes” (p.6). Ensuring students are developing these essential innovation skills should be central to WIL curriculum.    
Following the receipt of a $104,000 grant from eCampus Ontario, awarded through the VLS fund, the University of Toronto Arts & Science Internship Program developed an open-resource innovation skill development course as part of their work term preparation curriculum. In the course, students work together in groups to address an industry-partnered challenge, completing 11 sequential skill modules, developed with significant industry input, to support them in ideating and planning their innovative solution. Each module has a deliverable that demonstrates their proficiency in that given skill, with the final assignment culminating in a written formal proposal for their solution. Modules focus on interdisciplinary transferrable skills and include: UN SDGs, Intercultural Communication, Design Thinking, Project Management (Teamwork & Leadership; Planning; Problem Solving), and Workplace Communication.   
This presentation will offer all attendees a detailed review of the course content, including key features (e.g. how to integrate H5P interactive activities), and how to download and adapt the content for their own use either as a whole or in sections. Student feedback and lessons learned from the pilot also will be shared with the attendees. Anyone interested in co-op preparation curriculum, or e-module instructional design in general are encouraged to attend!
Preview the content here:
Ideation & Planning Skills for Employment Success (fall-winter course before work term)
Workplace Innovation Skills (module completed during work term)
10/3/2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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