Request for Proposal: Website Redesign & Optimization for CEWIL Canada

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: August 31, 2022, 5:00 p.m. ET
ATTENTION TO: Natalie Chaumont, Associate Director, Operations at [email protected]


In 2019, CEWIL Canada issued an RFP to replace their website. This work was completed in 2020 and the new website is designed and powered by iMIS. The CEWIL Canada website hosts information on: work-integrated learning, resources, events, news, member universities, colleges and institutes, committees, funding opportunities, coop and WIL databases and directories, a member zone, and more…

Currently the CEWIL website has a member-only area protected by log-in and password, where members can access certain resources which currently include such things as the by-laws that govern our association, meeting minutes, strategic plans, logos, and other such documents.

CEWIL strives to be the recognized authority on work-integrated learning in Canada. As such, in addition to our members, we welcome researchers, governments (e.g. policy advisors, senior government officials), media, students, WIL educators, professors, etc… Currently, the website does not reflect the quality nor professional image that we aspire to. We aspire to a website that is attractive, professional, easy to navigate as well as maximize a member zone to increase engagement.

We require a vendor who is an expert in the iMIS platform.

We have three main areas of the website that require expertise in design, functionality and features: The external-facing facing portion of the website; the iHub section of our external facing website specifically; and the member-only area.

External-facing website: We would like a template that we can continually update that has intuitive navigation features. We would like the landing page to be much more dynamic with the ability to promote the wonderful work that we do through stories, blogs, podcasts, funded projects, resources, research and more. We will not only require design expertise, but also support in design features and maximizing the platform. Site:

iHub section: CEWIL is a funded partner through the Government of Canada to provide quality curricular WIL4 experiences to students. Currently our sub-site (in iMIS) lacks the design and character we need in order to effectively promote and share this initiative. We would like the iHub sub-site to be inspirational for WIL innovators as well as make grant information easily assessable. A balance between practical and beautiful. Site:

Member only portal: The member-only area of the website requires enhancement. Specifically, we would like this member-only area to be more of an interactive portal, where currently is just a repository. We would like resources grouped under thematic areas or by date, and the ability for members to search for what they need. Some resources in this section will also be accessed publicly by non-member stakeholders. We also would like to create an engaging environment that highlights our by-laws, advocacy, reports, communities of practice, and more. The entire website, including the external facing, the iHub, and the member-only area should have a consistent look and feel, with intuitive navigation. In all areas, we also require some documentation that can assist CEWIL CANADA in managing the website moving forward. This can include instructions, templates, user guides, and other documents to ensure that CEWIL CANADA staff and volunteers can make updates, add new content, and create new pages as necessary.