#WILfromhome Social Media Campaign

For the next month, we want you to join the conversation and show the world how we #WILfromhome. Beginning April 1st, tweet, post and encourage your employer and community partners, students, and staff to showcase how work-integrated learning is continuing and thriving during this unprecedented time. Let's face it, the world has changed in the past few months, and how we connect, learn and continue to do business has shifted as well. There are still business problems to solve, and students who are eager and WIL-ing to gain experience, find meaningful solutions and build the skills they require to be successful following graduation. It's our time to broadcast to the world that WIL is continuing across Canada in large numbers. To help the efforts, we have put together some ideas and tools to make it as easy as possible to showcase how you #WILfromhome.

Ways to Get Involved

Below are just a few ways to get involved. Be creative and get your students, staff and partners on-board in all or some of the following ways:

  • Social Media contests - encourage students and partners to post how they are participating in #WILfromhome
  • Post about webinars and virtual events that help to further develop student skills
  • Feature students currently engaged in Work-Integrated Learning that have had to shift to working/learning remotely
  • Post pics, videos and/or set-up IG Live Posts that show off new home offices/set-ups
  • Encourage your teams to post about collaborations and successes or even new initiatives or projects with students, key employers and community partners during this time
  • Post facts - i.e. Total number of students from your institution or organization engaged in WIL remotely

What Can I do to Help?

All CEWIL members will play an important role in letting our partners and stakeholders know that WIL is happening at home. Be sure to follow these simple steps to get involved:

  • Tag CEWIL Canada's twitter handle (@CEWILCanada) in all relevant posts
  • Use the hashtag #WILfromhome
  • Retweet and/or comment on and share CEWIL Canada's posts via your own Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Encourage your teams to update email signatures with the new #WILfromhome graphic (included)
  • Use the included frames and graphics to help generate posts and spread the word
  • Encourage students to share how they are engaging in WIL while at home



Feel free to use the content provided, or if you’re feeling creative, use this as a guide to help create your own messaging that best suits your brand and engagement strategies. For ease of sharing, please click the links below to save the photos.