Deciding Where to Go

The best way to decide where to go is through research. Keep an open mind and talk to your co-op department about where other students have worked abroad in the past.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a country:

  • Language
  • Weather and geography
  • Religion and culture
  • History and traditions
  • Social norms that may vary between countries

The Government of Canada has an agreement with some countries in order to simplify the work permit process. Visit the website for updated information:

You are not limited to these countries; many co-op students have worked abroad in countries not listed above. There are various international co-op partnership programs to which your college/university may belong: ask your co-op office if you are interested in applying for international opportunities. Also, keep in mind that your co-op department must approve all jobs.

Travel Advisory

The Government of Canada provides information on travel advisories for countries around the world. Check this website often for current information and updates.