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What is WIL?

Before diving into the various types of WIL, you can take a step back and learn more about What WIL is in the video below! What it means, who’s involved, and what it means for you, as an industry and WIL partner. 

You can learn more about the various types of WIL by clicking on the Employer Toolkit link below.

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What can students do for you?


The Student Work Placement program gives post-secondary students in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and business programs across Canada paid work experience related to their field of study. Over 11,500 paid student work placements will be created by this program through 2021. ESDC works with Employer Delivery Partners. Employer Delivery Partners are a group of recognized associations and organizations that represent the interests of employers in industries.

They work with businesses and post-secondary education institutions to:

  • Provide wage subsidies to employers that offer quality student work placements; and
  • Create partnerships with colleges, universities, polytechnics and CEGEPs to recruit students for these placements.

Benefits of Hiring a Work-Integrated Learning Student

  • Students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and enthusiasm to the workplace.
  • WIL programs offer access to diversely talented and highly motivated students and sometimes aid in vetting students before the hiring process begins, which reduces recruiting costs.
  • WIL students are short-term employees, which can be helpful to businesses in temporary times of need.
  • WIL terms may be an opportunity to evaluate a potential long-term employee before committing: many employers choose to hire co-op students after graduation.
  • WIL students can work on a wide range of assignments, from specific projects to general support. 

Employer & Community Partner Tool Kit

Students can make a strong addition to your workplace: they’re driven, offer a fresh perspective, and have up-to-the-minute skills.

Most importantly, students are committed to learning and gaining experience and are eager to support your organization in its goals.

Students can work for you in research, writing, finance, technology, marketing, field and lab work, data analysis, health, and more.

CEWIL Canada is your resource for information about hiring and mentoring students to support your organization in a work-integrated learning program.

CEWIL thanks post-secondary institutions across Canada for their contributions to our resources.
We encourage you to visit institutional websites for even more information to support your organization.