A Word from the Director

September 2022

Dear CEWIL Members,

Another back-to-school season has come and gone in post-secondary. I have to say that the arrival of September brings a sort of new energy in the air. And while I no longer get to see the buzz of students on campus full of hope and promises of new beginnings, I have to say that my heart and brain are still programed that way. As we all settle into the routines of a new academic term, I hope that you all had the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries with the things you love most in life.

September on paper is also truly about new beginnings for CEWIL! Welcome back to all the CEWIL members who have renewed their membership with us for another year. A special welcome to any new faces that are among us. Whether you are new to WIL, or new to the membership, we are thrilled that you chose to spend your time with us. We look forward to giving new members a proper welcome to CEWIL on October 13 at 12PM ET (see information in the September Newsletter). Hope to see you there!

I am also excited to share that our calendar of learning and development will be released very soon for the Fall. There will be a strong focus on inclusion and universal design. A reminder that most learning and development sessions are free for CEWIL members, so if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to renew.

En tant que directrice d’ECAIT, je continue mes efforts pour bien représenté la population francophone au sein de notre organisation en offrant un meilleur service aux membres. Cette année, vous pouvez compter sur des transcréations et non des traductions, une communauté de pratique et des activités d’apprentissages riches. Nous visons aussi à souligner qu’on aura plus de projets et expériences AIT franco-Canadiens. Pour la première fois dans notre histoire, cette année nous publierons notre rapport annuel dans les deux langues officielles du Canada. Tandis je suis une Québécoise anglaise, mes racines françaises resteront toujours très fortes dans mon sang. Pour ce, je promets de toujours vous écouter et supporter l’avancement du monde AIT en français.  

The connections and willingness to share has always been the backbone of CEWIL. It is one of the traits that had me hooked as a member 12+ years ago. We are continuing to look for new ways to connect online and in-person this year. We look forward to a relaunch of the 10K Coffees platform, the CEWIL Café as well as specialized communities of practice in a variety of WIL-related areas. We also have a few secret online social events up our sleeves.

Amongst all the new beginning, the end of this month will also be a time of deep reflection for our staff. Like last year, CEWIL will be observing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Each member is encouraged to spend the day learning more about Indigenous histories, culture and their individual and collective roles in the TRC’s calls to action.

Finally, I would like to close by saying how privileged I feel to work alongside such a passionate group of educators. As CEWIL continues to grow and evolve as an organization, we are planning focus groups and member surveys to make decisions based on your interests and needs. I will be spending more time listening to you, the members, the heart and soul of the organization.

Merci au fond du cœur pour votre appui et au plaisir de se revoir en ligne ou mieux, en personne.

Au plaisir,

Charlene Marion, Director WIL

CEWIL Canada